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Rob Topley Director, Business Change and Transformation

I have worked with and for IT Consultancies for over 20 years. In this time I have seen the pressure to ensure new IT systems are delivered to time scales and to budget.

These included many Large scale change IT programmes within Blue chip clients and UK Government impacting public services. for example:
  • Credit Cards – introduction of personal balance transfer rate for credit cards.
  • Education Sector – introduction of the electronic Learner record.
  • Environment – Improvement in the effectiveness of Flood warnings.
Many times I have seen the IT solution drive the business.The push by project managers to deliver IT solutions has left the business unprepared and afterwards  sliding back into old practices and failing to realise the original goals and benefits that were intended.
The problems that occurred with IT projects are lack of business engagement and inevitable changes and rising costs as they struggle to engage.
Instead of simply delivering IT solutions I found my role changing to support the client and helping the business deliver the changes they were looking for.
Thus I found my skills and experience  filling a void where IT projects fail to deliver.
We are past the point of simply automating tasks and now simply delivering better technology is not enough to gain advantage. With increasing technological complexity and multi channel strategies there is a greater need for co-operation and coordination between the business and programs to ensure that IT and technological investments are in unison with real business improvements.
There is a need for a  different consultancy practice that isn’t a Strategic adviser or delivering the next technological solution, but one that will help businesses realise their own goals and vision with practical guidance and support to deliver real  change for organisations and people.

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