Traditionally organisations run projects as part of an improvement initiative or in response to change requests. Most projects focus on delivering IT solutions. Projects are becoming more efficient at creating deliverable’s but they are still failing to maximise the business benefits.

Projects are a part of a wider business change life cycle which starts with an idea and ends when full value of that idea is achieved.

Organisations are looking for people who can take a change from idea/need to full realisation and not to simply manage deliverable’s.

To briefly explain the role Business Change Manager, you have to be experienced in Business analysis, Project management, Benefits management and Stakeholder engagement.

First a Business Change Manager (BCM) is a Business Analyst:

He/she will take an idea an analyse it. To understand what’s happening in the business today? To look at how are those processes working, or in some cases, not working? A BCM will identify the improvements to be made and the impacts of change on people, processes and systems, and what the future target operating model looks like.

A BCM is a Project Manager:

Whatever it is that the change consists of, you take that to-be environment, determine how you are going to deliver it, what it will cost and then ultimately create a set of deliverables. You also have to consider a rate of change, how it will be adopted and plan implementing the change in stages that the business and customers can manage.

A BCM is skilled in Benefits Management:

He/she is value focused and understands that the deliverable’s are the means for achieving business value. Ultimately they want to make sure that you get the full business value that is envisioned in an idea out of it at the end.

A BCM is more people centric:

The success of a change is essentially linked to acceptance by people. Stakeholder engagement in change is part involvement, communication and training. The change can be a cultural or organisational change or changing people’s performance. The BCM’s goal is to make sure that people’s day-to-day approach and attitudes to business that they have are going to change, to bring the desired outcome/value to fruition.

A Business Change Manager is a multi faceted role, that understands and manages the full business change life cycle, and delivers better business outcomes.

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