There are detailed  and well defined methodologies for IT system development, IT service Management, for Project Management etc. that provide an accessible tool kit of process flows to follow, techniques to use, templates and guidance. Many of them provide an easy to use interface that organisations can provide for their staff to refer to and use.

A few years ago I did some research to see if a similar toolkit was available for Business Change Management (BCM).

The review concluded that most BCM approaches give a theoretical framework without detailed templates or procedures to follow, and are lacking in certain areas. For Business Change Management there is little available for organisations to adopt as a BCM toolkit.   That organisations would be best served by developing a body of knowledge utilising a combination of best practices to adequately cover the disciplines involve in BCM.

Click here for the review paper.

If you know of any other BCM toolkits or specific discipline toolkits that should be included in the review please let me know.