I’m really pleased to announce the new image designs for the company as part of the on going establishment of the company’s brand.

Our logo is important to give the company a stronger and clearer presence, it really brings the brand to life to increase business opportunities and show we mean business.

Our new logo, and color scheme which is at the top of this post, intentionally plays on the name of company and the design emphasizes a modern professional consultancy.

The logo’s Top Hat design also reflects our vision to be a top class consultants with values of a gentleman who understands that appearance, behaviour, and way of communicating provide others with valuable insight into character and integrity.

The Strap line “Helping businesses and people to change” seeks to specifically position the company for supporting and achieving real change within organisations with emphasis on their operations and by engaging people rather than solely focusing on Technology delivery.

You can expect to see the branding applied on a rolling basis over time to materials to be published or updated.


Rob Topley

Director, Business Transformation and Change